Saturday, January 21, 2006


I made Millet and Amaranth Porridge this morning from Vive le Vegan! I have never before used either grain, and I have to say, it was really good. I used organic millet and amaranth from the health store. I served it with flax meal, some soymilk and a bit of maple syrup. This recipe is awesome for all you students out there like me. It makes more than one serving, so you can refrigerate the rest and have a quick breakfast in the morning before school! I'm constantly looking for new ideas. Or, like the book says, you can serve it with ice cream as a dessert! (which I will not be doing lol)
I had my heart set on making the Coconut Pie Pancakes this morning, but last night I discovered I didn't have any bananas :(. But lucky for me, I found this recipe! I had it with an orange and a nice big glass of peppermint/green tea. I've always wanted to drink green tea for the health benefits, but didn't like the taste. I found one at the store that was mixed with mint. It was still too strong for me so I brewed it with a bag of just mint tea, and that seems to work. Hopefully, I get more used to the taste and won't need the mint bag in a while.

I weighed myself this morning. I haven't stepped on the scale since way before Christmas. I was too scared to weigh myself after all of the Christmas goodies I indulged in! But its not so bad. I only gained about a pound since then, so its not like I have another million pounds holding me back! I'm still not happy with my weight, especially since I know that I used to weigh less. But at least I know that I've done the weight loss thing before (after high school) and I can do it again! When I got home last nite, it turns out Billy wasn't able to eat all of the chocolate chip cookies I made so he left one for one of my parents to eat. It was staring and calling for me as soon as I found out! But I resisted and my mom ate the cookie shortly after.

Moral of the story: I can resist temptation, and one really is enough! I have finally shown myself that I can resist that primal urge that comes over me after a night shift at work. I had an orange instead :D

My herbs are on a wild growing spree! The basil seems to have slowed down a bit, but the parsley, oregano and chives are on their way!

The only one not in the picture is the oregano.

I think I'm going to go to the new Yves Rocher store in the mall. Their website says they don't test on animals and that their products are plant derived. I'm still a little skeptical. Does anyone know if they are actually vegan or just kind of vegan :P ? If they are, I'm more than willing to buy my makeup and body stuff from there. I'll pay the extra money for such convenience, just 5 minutes from my house!

Well, I suppose I should go do some laundry, clean my room and do some homework! A girl can't cook all the time! Or can she?


sarchan said...

Hey, there I like your site. Those herbs are so pretty. My roommate and I have been planning on growing some herbs in our apartment, and using a strawberry pot is such a good space-saving idea! Neat. I plan on making the Millet-Amaranth Porridge myself whenever I get my hands on . . . well, some millet and some amaranth. It's nice to have a bit of protein in the morning. Well, I'll quit babbling. But I enjoy looking at your food :)

Melissa said...

Great, that's why I put pictures up! Thanks!

If you've got a health food store near you, you shouldn't have a hard time finding the grains!