Monday, January 23, 2006

Smoked Wheat

I saw Smoked Wheat in Super C today and the name made me laugh. I'd never heard of it before so I just had to buy it! I put it in a sandwich with lettuce, vegenaise and mustard on whole wheat bread. It was pretty good for what it was. I was never a fan of meat sandwiches so I wouldn't say it's the best sandwich filler I've ever had, but definitely something to try!

Speaking of Super C, why do they suck so much? That grocery store had nothing! Of course, Billy was able to find plenty of junk food. But do they have canned black beans? No! Do they have canned green chilies? No! Do they have green split peas? No! Do they have anything good? No! I was so mad, I think Billy was about to tell me to calm down. To be fair, I think I was saying rather loudly: "They have no selection/products here! Let's go, I'm never coming back!" They don't have many vegetarian things, no soy ice cream, no good soy milk, etc. I was quite upset, and ended up going to my regular Independent Grocer instead, where they usually have everything I need except Silk. Oh, Super C does carry Lick's veggie burgers though, so I suppose I'll have to go back if I ever want to buy them. They are quite yummy.

Today I made Sarah's Green Split Pea soup from La Dolce Vegan. I am so into soups right now. This one was great! It had so much flavour and was hearty enough to be a meal in itself, with a side of broccoli.

Mmmmm, yummy potatoes and carrots! The yellow colour is from turmeric, one of my favourite spices!

Now I'll have some food for lunch or dinner on Wednesday. For dinner tomorrow I made Sherri's Black Bean chili from LDV as well. I didn't quite taste it, just a few bites to check the rice, but it seems spicy as hell! I hope its not too spicy for me to eat. I knew I shouldn't have used the whole can of chilies! I'll post a picture and review it tomorrow after I eat it!

Confession time: the munchies hit big time yesterday while I was doing homework. I had a whole wheat bagel with pb and chocolate chips (one of my fave snacks) and then a big spoon of pb with more chocolate chips. This wouldn't be too bad, but I also used a bagel to make a sandwich for lunch. So I limited the rest of my food for the day, and I didn't let it ruin my resolve. Just wanted to get it off my chest.

I've decided to not eat after 8 pm. Or at least to make a big effort not to. That might be hard with three night labs in a row, but I'm gonna try! I hope it helps. I definitely usually eat more junk food later at night. And on Oprah's DVD yesterday her trainer was saying that those little/big pangs we get to nibble/pig out is our body going into our fat stores and using them up. We can either let them be or feed it, which only makes us fatter.

Did I mention my body is rebelling against yesterday's skating? My abs and back are in quite some pain...but I like it :D

My goals for the week:
-eat lots of veggies every day
-do not eat after 8 pm


Danielle D. said...

I've never had split pea soup before. I think that I might have to give it a try.

I love seeing and reading about all of the recipes that you have tried. I just started reading your blog in the last week and I already have 3 or 4 of the recipes that you mentioned on my "to try" list.

Michelle said...

i haven't tried the split pea soup from LDV yet, but i think i may have most of the ingredients on hand, so maybe i'll make that tonight or tomorrow. i love soup on cold days!

i linked back to you too :) and i think i saw you posting on i post as shelly4 over there :)

Michelle said...

oh, and where do you go to school/what are you studying? i so didn't have enough time to cook when i was in university, and the food on campus was crappy.. and i wasn't even vegan then, just vegetarian, and it was still so hard to find semi-nutritious things to eat *sigh*

Melissa said...

Thanks guys. Danielle, I appreciate you reading my blog :) otherwise, its a waste of time!

Michelle, I go to Laurentian University. I'm in biomedical science while concurrently doing my B.Ed. I'm in my third of five years. I don't have all that much time either, but I try and make the time to cook. I don't always eat healthy, and I especially didn't during my first year. Oh, and most of the recipes from La Dolce Vegan don't take much time, so that makes it easier!

Campus does not have much vegan food. I can get fruit salad and veggies, veggie subs and wraps, and veggie burgers. But its all pretty boring, so I prefer to bring food with me, or just eat at home if I can.