Friday, June 20, 2008

Healthy College Cookbook

I bought Billy the Healthy College Cookbook a few years back as an incentive for him to try cooking more. He did try a few things, but other than that, it's been collecting dust. Most of the recipes are vegan-izable so I decided to use up some food in my fridge and freezer and try out some new recipes.

To use up the four PC Meatless chicken cutlets I had left, I made sesame chicken. So good! Basically, I brushed warm agave nectar on the cutlets and sprinkled them with sesame seeds, garlic powder and pepper, and then baked them. The sweetness of the agave was so nice in this dish, with just a hint of pepper. These were so simple to make, literally 2 minutes of preparation. I plan on trying out a few more of their chicken dishes.

Next I made the baked ziti. Except I used rotini. This is just rotini tossed in a tomato sauce with herbs and ground round, onion and garlic. Instead of regular cheese I used up the nacho stuff I had sitting around. I left it a bit too long under the broiler...but it still tastes great.

And a random cat picture....Zeppelin passed out on the couch


Deb Schiff said...

Great idea about brushing the meatless cutlets with agave before adding the yummy toppings. I can just imagine how good they were!

Judy said...

Mmmmm, I love baked pasta.

Vivacious Vegan said...

I couldn't stop laughing at that photo of your cat. He looks so funny positioned like that.

xwitchymagicx said...

That cat photo is cute!!

And you've made me want to start cooking again!! Proper cooking I mean, not just vegetable stir frys. *rolls eyes* haha

PS. I found your blog on google, it came up when I was searching for naimo bars or whatever they are!!

Captain Diabetes! said...

cute kittyyy!!!

i'm trying to make a "Vegan Blogring" kinda thing by linking up with other vegan bloggers to help those looking for information on vegansim find it.

would you mind it we linked up? i'd like to get a few different' blog style together. my blog focuses on how easy it is to be vegan.

your baked ziti looks delicious. seriosuly. hand it over.