Friday, May 20, 2011

The Dog

Note: this post is not meant to debate whether or not your pet should be on a vegan diet. I am well aware that dogs are omnivores, but healthy, nutritionally balanced vegetarian pet food is available. It is an informational post to help inform others and maybe give them a helping start if they choose to do so.

After watching a video (which I may or may not post in the future), I have decided to switch my dog to a vegetarian diet. Most dog food is made from leftovers from slaughterhouses. Picture them scraping up the leftovers and hauling them into a truck....not what I want to feed my dog. Anyways, I've made the decision not to *buy* any meat products for my dog, but I will not make a huge deal out of other people feeding her meat products if it happens (although she's not supposed to get scraps:P)

So far, we've got her eating Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Vegetarian Dog Kibble. Vegetarian dog kibble is easily available as many dogs have meat sensitivities. Dill really likes it, and as a treat I pour some olive oil over it every few days.

Also, once a week or so, she's given a can of Holistic Blend canned dog food, the fruits and veggies flavour. Dill eats this up in two minutes flat. She adores it.

And from How It All Vegan, I made her the bad breath doggy biscuits. I get the same reaction out of Dill when I give her one of these as if I just gave her a milk bone. I only had gingerbread men cutouts, but I'm going to look for bone shaped ones.

So far, Dill has lost her little winter tummy and has tons of energy (as usual).


Janna Renee said...

i don't have my dog on a vegan diet, but i do have him on a gluten free diet!! he's a weimaraner mix, so we have to be careful! it's so funny, but we have to protect our pups!

C said...

Good for you and your dog! I don't have a dog, but I've heard of the nasty, nasty stuff that they put in conventional dog food. Have you seen Alicia Silverstone's blog post on feeding dogs a vegan diet? I've attached the link in case you've missed it. She also cooks for her dogs, which I think is really cool and maybe even more economical than buying dog food!

C said...

Here's the link, sorry about that: