Friday, May 13, 2011

Picture Heavy!

I haven't posted all week so I've got lots of pictures! In no particular order, because I don't feel like moving all of them around, here it is...
Bean Pizza Pocket- Vegan Italiano
Pizza pockets filled with navy beans, basil, salt and pepper and pizza sauce. I also threw in some Daiya cheese I had kicking around. These are quick, easy and yummy!

Garden Wraps-Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Foods
This was lunch this week. Whole wheat flax tortillas with a dijon mayo spread (with nutritional yeast and parsley too), and filled with green leaf lettuce, tomato and broccoli sprouts. I loved it!

Sunday was BBQ night. I did a steak and potato dinner and it was phenomenal.

Loaded baked potato: Earth Balance margarine, Tofutti sour cream, Daiya cheddar.

I picked up these weiner dog corn holders last weekend....I couldn't resist!

Grilled seitan steak with garlic rosemary sauce and mushrooms- Veganize This!
This steak is so good! I love the texture of the seitan (meaty) and it grills up really well on the BBQ. It's topped with a rosemary garlic white sauce and cremini mushrooms. It was a bit salty, but I'll just leave out the seasoning rub next time.

Here's the "steak" before being grilled.

I made these lemon and rosemary potatoes for Billy on the grill since he doesn't really go for baked potatoes.

We split a bottle of home-brewed black cherry wine courtesy of the in-laws. Best wine I've ever had!

Poached Pears in Amaretto-Vegan Italiano

And for a light dessert, poached pears in a sweet Amaretto syrup. Delicious! Cinnamon and cloves make this really special. Billy's favourite fruit combined with his favourite liqueur.

And, since I was cooking so much Italian, I wanted one of my favourite appetizers from when I was in Italy (and the easiest). Bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil, with a splash of balsamic vinaigrette.

Happy Cooking!


Catherine said...

Your corn holders made me guffaw out loud! Awesome!

Babette said...

All your food looks really yummy.

I also love bread dipped in olive oil and vinegar. Simple but delicious.

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