Thursday, May 05, 2011

Early Mother's Day

We sent our Mother's Day gift for my mom-in-law this week and it got there early. So I can post this because I know she opened it :P Can't blame her, I wouldn't wait if I got a big box in the mail, that's for sure!
One of the gifts was these knitted gardening gloves by Debbie Bliss (pattern in The Knitter's Year). They're made of Debbie Bliss' Ecobaby 100% organic cotton. Love this yarn, squishy and soft... And the colour, sage, is really cute too. These would be great for pruning, tying up, watering in the morning when the sun hasn't had time to warm everything up, or like Billy's mom said, wrapping your hands around a cup of tea in the morning.

In other gardening news, I'm thinking the chance of freezing has passed now and I can start planting soon!


Anonymous said...

I love them!

May Stephens said...

These are beautiful! I absolutely love them!
Thank you for making them for me, Melissa.
Love you lots!